I-TEC is a manufacturer and distributor specialized in LED products of high quality and very competitive price. We offer advice on all types of lighting projects and a wide selection of products, including LED light bulbs, LED downlights, LED tubes, LED panels, LED bells, LED spotlights for rails, Outdoor LED projectors, tunnels, etc…

Our LED luminaires are very durable, consume less energy than traditional ones, do not spoil the colors of the products to be illuminated and do not contain hazardous substances. Each product is designed and manufactured to provide optimum energy efficiency.

I-TEC products are designed for both domestic and professional use, for interior and exterior, for lighting schools, residences, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, exhibition halls, factories, service stations, parks, residential areas, etc ...

Betting on I-TEC products will always be a positive experience. Our work is governed by passion, effort and good work for the satisfaction of all our customers....

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